ANJA is the Third Eye Chakra

This week at the Thursday Workshop we discussed The Third Eye Chakra. We dove into the aspects of the Third Eye and discussed some of our past troubles with connecting to the god source and gaining the wisdom we have been seeking.

One beautiful thing that came out of the workshop was the discussion on the linkages and energy flow between the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras.

When our Chakra system is working as intended we truly become that one spiritual consciousness manifested. We realize our true nature as the embodiment of spiritual energy into the physical realm. We become the “I am” and through that manifestation we move with the energy of the divine within this body and within this space time continuum.

Let me share with you some of the third eye chakra information we discussed during our workshop.

  1. The Third Eye Chakra is known in the Sanskrit as Anja
  2. Anja is located at the brow between the eyes
  3. Anja is related to intuition, clarity, and Psychic Development
  4. Anja manifests visually as the violet light
  5. When our third eye is open, we clearly see all aspects of our lives.

Anja is the center of where our conscious awareness connects to our higher self. A self that is from the divine source.Through the increased awareness we can access the wisdom of our higher self and the universal truths. Often accessed in dreams, meditations, and visualizations Anja awareness gives us the clarity of our true purpose.

Working to address anxiety, negative self-talk, compulsive thinking, and lowering the need for and use of external distractions can be of a great benefit. From a calm place we are able to open ourselves to the flow of consciousness without the blocks of fear and emotional shutdown, and the contraction of our personal energy. By working to foster a calm mind the awareness of spirit and the evolution of your intuition will become easier and easier.

Opening our awareness will have the effect of awakening our imagination, which not only will allow us to find new ways to resolve old conflicts and issues but also the awareness of how to accomplish things we otherwise would not be able to.

As this new awareness travels into our body and into our lives the awareness manifests directly into our lives. We have an easier time speaking from our truth and communicating in ways that better serve our life purpose.

When we are communicating with ourselves, others, and the universe based on the increased awareness of the wisdom and identity of higher selves we have started the process of manifesting that which we truly desire into this life.

I hope this post helps you understand not only the purpose of the Third Eye but how important this aspect of our Chakra system is to our lives and thus to patterns of creativity, success, and love we define, create, and bring to life.

Act with Integrity and Maximize Personal Power

“Personal power” is the ability to obtain desired results through your own beliefs, attitudes, and actions.

“Acting with integrity” is when the actions taken match your values, beliefs, and attitudes.

When we act with integrity our spirit, mind and body are working together to manifest our desire.

The motivation for operating in integrity is to maximize our personal power to fully realize our desired outcomes.

Perhaps you’ll ask the question, “What if my intent or desire or values include harming others?” When our desire is in alignment with our higher-selves and based on love, understanding, compassion and forgiveness we never “need” anyone else to suffer to live a joyful fulfilling life. So the harming of others is not a necessary component to live a self realized life and since we can shift into a self-realized mode in any moment it is not a short cut either.

The very idea that we operate in a zero-sum system where abuse rewards us better than kindness is antithetical to operating from a self-realized existence. It asserts that through the harming of others I am made stronger, happier, or more loving. Which seems obviously false.

I am not here to judge those who use power of this nature to “get what they want.” I personally find it an unsatisfying prospect and to the small degree I have exhibited this kind of behavior in hindsight I have regretted it.

In the opposite direction when operating from understanding, compassion, and love my actions create opportunities for others to join in the fun. Invitations to participate and combine our personal power towards a common good and common outcome. Co-creating is a very powerful form of manifestation.

When my actions are in opposition to my values or “I’m out of integrity” I am communicating to myself and those around me that I am not happy or satisfied. When my justification for operating outside of integrity is peace keeping, conflict avoidance, and intended to reduce or mitigate potential negative reactions of others then I may feel safer for doing so.  

Even in this case where I’m willfully operating outside of integrity, I am working under the presumption that my desires are not important. My personal power is directed towards actions that are diminishing my influence. Taking this a step further I may try to convince others to do as I need through manipulation, gossip, shame, guilt etc. This generally results in a self-deprecation circle which over time reduces my self-esteem.

Since behavior is how I communicate to those around me and to the universe what I truly want my true desires get overridden by inconsistency in my actions. Since my actions aren’t backed up by my desire I will only go along a given behavioral path until the pain is reduced, removed, or goes away of its own accord. I will stop that line of action as soon as it does thus before I have realized the full potential from my behavior, I will change my direction.

Is there a time when you are doing something because you think you “should” and as soon as the situation changes you stop?

Is there a time when you are clearly afraid and so do just enough to clear a hurdle or remove the source of your fear?

These off again on-again decisions diminish your Personal Power and you can tell because you are out of integrity when doing them.

What’s In A Name?

In October of 2020 while on my annual vision quest, I participated in a guided meditation. During the meditation I was guided to a doorway. The guide said that the doorway has our name above it.

On that doorway I saw the name Ehzeekial. It was not clear during the meditation what that meant. It just appeared in place where I would have expected to see my given name.

After completing the meditation, I did some research. I discovered three things:

  1. The spelling I saw was not a historical spelling
  2. The historical figure from the bible was not someone I was familiar with nor especially drawn to
  3. The name held no personal significance from my past

I decided to gain external perspective to see what I could discover about the name.

  • I had a spiritual reading done by a friend and during that reading I was told that the name was for me to “try on” and had no more significance than that.
  • My oldest child went through a name change some years back and so I asked them about their experience. They told me about their connection between name and identity. This gave me a perspective on the power of a name change.

That got me thinking about identity and how I perceive myself. Was the name’s appearance simply an inner desire to change how I define myself? Was it an awakening to a new level of consciousness to who I really am?

Since life is just a grand experiment to me, I decided, why not? And I’m trying it on.

Using a different name is not a practice I take lightly. And I would advice that anyone considering a name change take it a serious process, which I believe people do.

Since that time, my new name has slowly been gaining its own meaning. Through the use of a new name I’m getting clarity about how I hold myself back based on my beliefs about me. I’m seeing old grudges framed as “beliefs about how the world is.”

I am finding the name a difficult thing to use. When I use the name Ehzeekial to refer to myself I’m almost unmoored by it. Who is Ehzeekial? Who am I? So I take this in small doses and when I’m feeling most grounded.

I have come to one understanding through all of my searching. Along this life path I am willing to discard the parts of my personal definition that do not serve me. To identify my unconscious habitual beliefs and life patterns that do not serve me. I am willing to embrace many methods to discern what about my thinking and beliefs does not serve me.

This name thing is becoming quickly one of the most powerful tools I have found for personal transformation. I will try to keep you all in the loop as I continue with the name change and use it as a mechanism to reveal my true self and release the sense of inner joy and external prosperity that I desire.

Do you have a nickname or virtual identity that you use? Please post your experience with a name change with a comment or a link to a blog post of your own on the subject.

Evil in the world = Low Self Worth

Today I felt sad, because I learned about the hatred that led to the killings in South Carolina.

This gives me reason to ask everyone to take pause and reflect upon our own actions.

Without shame or guilt, let us reflect upon the harms we do.  It is common for us to use economic advantage, personal connections, membership or position in organizations, or other individual personal power to the disadvantage of others. Without the context of relative individual judgment, these “smaller” acts are no more or less harmful than the acts of violence in that church. It is the context of relative judgment however, that makes our own transgressions and fear-based actions easier to ignore and justify.Continue reading “Evil in the world = Low Self Worth”

A Selfish Life Context

Welcome! Today I’m writing the third article in my series on “Being impeccable with my word!”, and also responding to a blog prompt from my friend Sreejit — “Going to Church”.

When I was seven to nine years old I believed very strongly that there was some change or transformation I needed to make. I needed to change something about myself so that God would love and care for me. I was pretty sure that it all started from there. If I had God on my side all the people in my life would just follow suit. They would never treat me badly. I was desperate to reach into myself and do whatever needed to make it so God would make me “one of his.”

I prayed very hard; made many trips to the Altar at church; told people whatever I thought was the right thing to say.

Continue reading “A Selfish Life Context”