Finding My True Calling: How looking outside myself guided me inward

Welcome! I hope today you are feeling good and inspired in your life. Today I want to talk about the path to finding a true calling. I hope that this post brings you both affirmation and inspiration. If you are like me, you may not have been born with that deep inner sense of yourContinue reading “Finding My True Calling: How looking outside myself guided me inward”

My Funks Are Really Depression?

Welcome! I’m glad to be writing today. Thank you for coming to my blog. This post is prompted by the Daily Prompt from The Daily Post. The prompt is: Singing the Blues. This prompt inspired me because of my own history with discontentment, unhappiness, and depression in my own life. This story begins for meContinue reading “My Funks Are Really Depression?”

The World is an Awesome and Diverse Place

Welcome! Today my blog post is prompted once again by DungeonPrompts. This week the prompt asks me to introduce you to a blogger that I find interesting. My first challenge! What do I find the most interesting in other people’s blogs. It comes to this. I personally find blogs that challenge my way of thinking about people,Continue reading “The World is an Awesome and Diverse Place”

Predicting The Future: A life long pursuit to control time.

Welcome! All we have is this moment. Each second that passes in our lives is like a grain of sand slipping away. With desperation, we can try, try, try to hold on and savor every moment. Yet the time just slips away. Our attention is drawn forever forward by an unstoppable force that no amountContinue reading “Predicting The Future: A life long pursuit to control time.”

Work-Life Balance : Commitments and Boundaries

Welcome! Thank you stopping by. It is a great pleasure to write these articles. I have spent my career working in the high-tech industry. The high-tech industry has provided me with steady work and great opportunities to grow and succeed for more than 20 years. During my career, one of the greatest struggles I’ve hadContinue reading “Work-Life Balance : Commitments and Boundaries”