The World is an Awesome and Diverse Place

Welcome! Today my blog post is prompted once again by DungeonPrompts. This week the prompt asks me to introduce you to a blogger that I find interesting.

My first challenge! What do I find the most interesting in other people’s blogs. It comes to this. I personally find blogs that challenge my way of thinking about people, places, and things as the most interesting. And a blog that can help me extend my view of all three is likely highest on my list.  I look for something more than content. I look for the heart of the writer. I look for a desire to express one’s convictions.

So today I’m glad to introduce you to Anawnimiss.

Anawnimiss is a hidden person. Or as she puts it “…a…woman who chooses to be without a face”

She writes about things, places, and people that I am only vaguely familiar with. This is to be expected as she is an Indian Woman living in Delhi and I am an American male living in Seattle.

She writes on things that matter to her and impact her modern life. She puts it forth with conviction. This something I greatly admire.

I first became aware of her here on wordpress just a few days ago. Since then I’ve read more of her posts and will continue to follow her here forward.

She writes about the things that matter to her. A wise dude once told me, in order for something to matter it has to mean something. So I find meaning in her posts. Her posts are relevant to me because I to am also facing the individual story of being human. Although our circumstances and experiences are different I can feel the humanity of her expressions. Her writing invokes an empathetic response in me.

The post that got me hooked on her writing is this one, OF NASTY THINGS, LIKE SEX AND MASTURBATION

Here is an excerpt from that post:

Such is the state of affairs in India. Women can’t have sex before they’re married. Living in with someone makes you a whore. If you’re divorced, it must be because you were having sex with someone else. Because sex is bad. Masturbation is worse. You know what, this bothers me. I did mention this briefly earlier, but I think this issue deserves a full-blown post.

Sex is natural. So is masturbation. And no, masturbation is not only for people who aren’t getting any. Actually, masturbation is important because it teaches you what you want. Sex is an acquired skill, much like playing an instrument. Can you hope to master bharatnatyam without learning to use your hands properly? Nahin, na? Why should sex be treated any differently?

With my first reading I could hear her passion and conviction to be a force for change in India on this important topic.

I hope that you find her demonstrated convictions, heart felt presentation, and positive action for change interesting and fun to read.

Thank you for coming to my blog today. May god bless and encourage you in your convictions.

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