Finding My True Calling: How looking outside myself guided me inward

Welcome! I hope today you are feeling good and inspired in your life.

Today I want to talk about the path to finding a true calling. I hope that this post brings you both affirmation and inspiration.

If you are like me, you may not have been born with that deep inner sense of your calling. Even the idea of a true calling has been a foreign concept to me. I have been a person who took cues from my environment. This means I tended to limit my definition of what was possible to what I was exposed to. I’ve learned that this is very normal behavior.

Early on, I learned a way to put this to my advantage — I learned to find things that are working for others and do what they do. I started doing this consciously in seventh grade when I was going to Alateen meetings. In Alateen someone told me once, “find someone who has what you want for yourself, and do what they do.” I’ve been doing my best at doing that ever since.

I’ll call this method the “Copy-Paste” method.

Copy-Paste Method

The method is really a pretty simple strategy. I think most people may already naturally do this to one degree or another. However, I still at times get stuck with making changes. There are various reasons I have gotten stuck in the past. To understand them I created the Copy-Paste roadmap to identify my blocks and get myself moving.

Here it is:

  1. Find the person who has what I want

  2. Connect with them

  3. Find ways to interact with them

Find the Person

To make the Copy-Paste method successful I have to have enough access to someone who has what I want in order to see, hear, and witness what they are doing. When I was young, before the internet, in order for me to connect I had to know the person, as they say now, “in real life”. With today’s social media, virtual mentoring, and online coaching, this is no longer true. Instead of being dependent upon the people I have localized access to, I can crowdsource the possibilities.

I use my internet/computer skills to connect to my social network, blogosphere, and websites to find people I would like to learn from. Also, a lot of these people are participating enough on the internet to actually see, hear, and witness what they are doing.

Still, finding people I don’t already know who have what I want means going places I don’t normally go, even when those places are virtual. However, since everyone is virtually connected to everyone within a few jumps it doesn’t mean I have to go far, so I start with direct connections.

To get started, all I have to do is to start searching for people who have what I want. Once I’ve found someone I’m ready for the next step, so I start by finding someone.

In my most recent example, I decided to connect with Tony Robbins.

Make the Connection

So now that I have determined the person to connect with, here comes the hard part…

In my experience, getting connected has less to do with real obstacles than it does with my own fear of connection. So for me this is the hardest part — finding that internal sense of value. One way I try to start is to “fake it until I make it”, so I just act as if I have the confidence needed to make the connection.

The action I need to take is to start talking to people I know about my desire to connect to Tony.

It normally works pretty damn fast. I already learned that a friend of mine knows a massage therapist that Tony Robbins uses on a regular basis. I just need to get the contact name and move along that string of people. I just need to keep talking to people about my desire for connection.

Also, while I work that connection string, I don’t have to wait.

Find Ways to Interact with the Connections

I used to think I had to make the connection before interacting. Now I know I can use my “fake it until I make it” strategy and start taking actions as if I had the connection.

For me this means setting an intention to attend a seminar or other event Tony Robbins will be putting on, following him on Twitter and Facebook, reading his web-site, and consuming books he has written. Everything I find, discover, read, and listen to is action I’m taking to Copy-Paste the change I want in my life.

With the Copy-Paste method I thought I would be on the road to unlimited success. In some ways I am but what I realized more recently was that this was just the beginning of what Dr. Wayne Dyer calls “a self-realized life.”

Evolution Beyond Copy-Paste

Once I started getting the results of changes in my behaviors and attitudes, I found that I was a lot less negative and more focused on positive outcomes. I found the Copy-Paste method was a great jumpstarter for getting out of negative, self-defeating attitudes and into a positive mindset.

Once my attitude shifted to a positive context I was able to get out of my own way, which allowed me to seek out more changes instead of being stuck justifying why I’m holding onto current beliefs, behaviors, and results.

This shift of mentality put me in a position for an evolution of my thinking. The evolution begins with an understanding of the nature of perception and the personal power I have.

This quote from Course in Miracles sums this up very well:  “Perception is but a mirror, not a fact. What I look on is my state of mind reflected outward.”

So I realized that in order to gain a new understanding of how I can change, I must start with a change in perception. I didn’t know how to do that, so I used the Copy-Paste method. I copied people I thought already had this change — people like Jesus, Ghandi, Buddha, and Amma. What they said they did and how they achieved their results was pretty clear. You already are what you desire to be. There is no change except to your perception.

They and others taught me that through humility, self-esteem, patience, and gratitude, I can evolve my perception. For me, the greatest struggle is the changing of my own self-esteem.

For as Norman Vincent Peale said, “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

Through therapy, meditation, and prayer I have learned a greater ability to accept that I am capable, lovable, and deserving. It is through communion with my higher self that I can achieve my highest and best.

Today I choose to believe that I am connected to a power greater than myself. For me that source lives in me, through me, without measure, and without compromise.

My realization is that it matters not if I am of any religious faith or spiritual approach. I must find a connection to the inner causes of my own pain and be willing to let those self-defeating beliefs go so I am are ready to truly find my own calling.

In the end no external transformation is needed. It is only letting go of a false sense of self that empowers me to change.

In the time between any two seconds there is enough time for me. Enough time for me to change. Enough time for me to accept who I really am and drop the disguise I have worn. Enough time to find my inner calling.

Today I chose to seek that inner calling and explore with you all that path. I hope that if you are not already on this path that you join me and if you are on this path that for a time we can travel together as fits our highest and best.

With my blessing I wish you all green lights.

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