Effect and Cause

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I want to share with you this definition of causality as a place to start. This definition is what I have believed for most of my life.

Causality is the relation between a set of factors (causes) and a phenomenon (the effect).

I’ve been doing a lot of spiritual work about creation, living in the now, relative and absolute truth, perception vs. knowing, salvation, the nature of the mind, and our connection to a spiritual self. The books I’ve been reading/listening to — Conversations With God, The Thousand Names of Joy, The Secrets of the Power Of Intention, A Course in Miracles, and Giant Steps — all seem to be guiding me to a simple truth that gurus have been promoting for thousands of years, the truth that there is only this moment. There is no past or future. The past is a memory contained in my mind and the future is a projection of that same mind from a history it believes is reality.

In addition to spiritual gurus, scientists are questioning the relative nature of time and distance. Albert Einstein formed theories of relativity regarding time, motion, and mass. Modern physicists continue to seek out the truth about the nature of the universe where there are many unanswered questions.

Thus I find myself combining what I understand of science and the nature of the universe and what spiritual guides and wayshowers indicate about the nature of our spiritual existence. A picture is forming for me, one where my existence, composed of matter and energy in three-dimensional space and time, may not be as I understood it.

This new forming picture of my physical, spiritual, and mental existence is exciting — a picture where only this moment exists for me. It’s like I’m in the wind tunnel of life, and the wind suddenly stopped. All is calm, all is quiet.

It scares part of my mind for the world to suddenly go quiet. That part thinks I may have lost my mind. That part, I believe, is my ego. My ego can’t understand it because it doesn’t know my true power over my life.

What I once thought was a wind to fight against, push through, persevere in, and weather, I’m now convinced was mostly a tornado of my own making, a gale that was a reflection of my own energy directed back on me from the relative location of myself, a cyclone powered from the inside.

It is a force that, when I stop fanning with all my might, calms down almost instantly. This wind that I believed I had to fight against I created from within my own mind to prove to myself that life is challenging and out of my control, that there are forces opposed to me, and that I am indeed separate and alone. I believed that if I didn’t prove all my fears wrong, people would abandon me, hurt me, and delay my salvation and release from fear. My fear of them created such confusion in me that I felt isolated and alone.

The story about the causes and effects in my life have been self-fulfilling ones, where the causes of my misery, suffering, anger, sadness, and fear had to named or I would be forced to deny my own pain, where I had to respond to my memories of events as if they compelled me to action as if a gun where to my head, where my reactions were driven by my “remembered” causes.

What was the way out from my self-invented wind tunnel? To stop fanning.

I can reverse the belief about cause and effect. I can choose to only give birth to the causes that serve my highest and best. I can stop believing that the world is something to fight against. I can simply stop believing that my will is greater, better, and smarter than God’s.

Instead, I can let the causes created by my effects only be those that serve the Creator. I can choose to compel myself only from causes of joy and love. I will fuel my life with the reactions to gratitude, generosity, and patience.

The realization that my creation of causes by the effects I choose to enact can literally turn off the challenging wind in my tunnel.

I’m left in quiet with the question, “If I’m not reacting to real issues, problems, complaints, and frustrations, then what am I actually reacting to?” If the cause is not created until the effect is manifest, then I’m reacting to issues, problems, complaints, and challenges that I created. Thus it is my relationship to memories and perceptions that propels my actions, and not reality. My truth about what it all means is meaningless compared to the Creator’s. By quieting my complaints and issues, I can listen instead to my higher self and find the will of my Creator.

Through meditation, quiet consideration, letting go of ego, and establishing a desire to see things as they really are, I can find peace and joy.

I’ve shared a lot of things I’ve experienced here on this blog so far, and this is likely by far the deepest for me personally. It’s hard for me to put the transformation of what these realizations mean for me into words. I am struggling even as I share this to find the words to share what I’m thinking. The wind tunnel analogy comes as close as I have been able to find so far.

I have realized over the last several weeks that everything I have been learning for the first forty five years of my life has prepared me for the learning I’m having now. It is with great joy that I continue along my journey.

Now I’m working to let go my ego and remind myself that cause and effect are two sides of the same coin stamped into existence in the same moment under the same mint.

While I am the master of my own perception, I can choose to ignore my false reality for the love and joy that await me when I let go my issues, complaints, problems, and frustrations, and find humility, gratitude, patience, and acceptance.

In doing so, I create my life now.

An article is written. The cause of the article is a desire to share.

At what moment did the desire become a cause? At the moment the article was written.

An article is read. At what moment did the writing of the article cause the reading of the article?
Just now.

Thank you for reading my blog. God bless you and your every moment.

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