Surviving vs Thriving : Hope and Hopelessness

Welcome! Today is a beautiful day. I hope you are doing very well. This post was inspired by a post I read by a blogger I’m just starting to follow as well as a bunch of conversations, observations, etc. The blog I started following is Big Red Carpet Nursing The post is Robin Williams andContinue reading “Surviving vs Thriving : Hope and Hopelessness”

Funks and the Pathway to Healing

  Welcome! This post is in response to the second prompt for Season 3 on Seeker’s Dungeon. THE HEALING ARTS We all have different methods of lifting ourselves up when we are feeling down.  Some turn to movies or books, others to food, meditation, conversation, exercise, music or dance.  What is your go to ritualContinue reading “Funks and the Pathway to Healing”


Welcome! It has been a while since I last wrote a post. Sorry to be away so long, but things have been stewing around in my head and not really jelling into posts. Ever since my seminar, I’ve been doing a lot of processing next steps for several efforts. I guess I was on aContinue reading “My Response to: CONCEPTS OF GOD – WHAT ARE YOURS?”