14 Things I know will help transition me from negative to positive thinking in any moment.

Welcome all! I was feeling a bit grumpy this morning. I noted it most prominently when a guy cut in front of us as we pulled off of Highway 99 into downtown. I got angry beyond what felt comfortable to me.

So I am recalling 14 things that I know that help me transition to a positive frame of mind.

1. Negative judgments of myself or others are spawned by issues with a negative self image, be it conscious or unconscious thinking.
2. I have a greater purpose in my life than being angry, scared, or sad about any situation.
3. Many problems in my life are caused by lazy control of my thinking, and allowing negativity to dominate my mindset in any given moment.
4. Problems in my life are distractions from the power of my creative soul.
5. I am love.
6. Life is not about the journey, the past, or the future; it is about right now.
7. Establishing negative responses as a default mechanism to input leads to much of unhappiness.
8. My default reaction to any given life situation should be joyous curiosity.
9. Expectations often set my reality. Controlling them establishes a clear trajectory, a trajectory I control.
10. Perceptions of the past are, in the moment, imagination. Memories are mine and mine alone and they are not “real” in this moment.
11. There is no level of complexity in miracles. Every miracle is equal in difficulty.
12. Miracles are a normal course of life.
13. A healthy body and feeling good is a normal state.
14. My mind, body, and soul are one being. When I neglect one part, I am neglecting it all.

This list could go on… What are things you know that help transition you from negativity to positive thinking?

With love, I want for you happiness and well being. May you have blessings and love where ever you go.

2 thoughts on “14 Things I know will help transition me from negative to positive thinking in any moment.

  1. For me, finding the miracle in the moment always helps. Maybe realizing that there are hundreds of thousands of cars, and no accidents in sight. Or feeling the cool breeze, or even listening to the sounds around me. Life is a miracle, sometimes we just need a moment to remember that.

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