RE: How do I use Fear?

Welcome! Life is happening right now. Let us experience it in its full beauty.

Last night I attended a session of a monthly spiritual class. The lesson was about living happily in every moment and realizing that nothing that is happening is not of God.

This article is in response to a blog prompt from DungeonPrompts. You might go there and find it and the blog responses interesting and helpful.

My first reaction to the prompt is that I don’t like Fear and I don’t want to have Fear in my life. This is always a big challenge because I find that the way out of fear is to develop a love of Fear and an understanding of its greater purpose in my life. That is right — I must love Fear. At the same time, fear is the mindkiller. Fear is the little death. Fear blinds me and pushes reality away. Yet fear of fear is fear. 🙂

To understand my love of fear you might first need an explanation of what is behind this way of thinking. First, I think I should explain that I do not want to be afraid. I do not desire to fear any situation, anyone, any place, any event, nor even any possible outcome. I strive to not live by fear, not to create fear in others, and to reduce anxiety and fear in all ways.

My greatest desire is live in the Holy Instant — to accept what is, and to understand that all that is and all that will be is happening in this moment as it should be. There is no other time for life than this moment. I therefore have only this very instant to live, and that is more than enough time.

To live in this moment and be in the instant, we come full circle. To love every moment we must first experience each moment as lovable. From this context, the experience of fear is no lesser of an outcome than to live free of it, for when Fear is with me, I am still living. I am living no less in my greatest panic and anxiety than I am when I am feeling most connected and loving. I am, in fact, always in love with what is. It is only a mental projection that this is not true that stops me from seeing this reality.

So Sreejit asks, “How do I use fear?” I use it to live. I use it to love. I use it as best befits myself and others. I use it to create and explore and understand. But to conceptualize and discuss these things in this way is unclear. It can confuse me with all the other thinking going on in my head. So I bring everything to simplified models, assumptions, and beliefs so that I can guide my brain.

Here is my current working set of models, assumptions, and beliefs around fear that help me live and love my life.

Fear is an emotional reaction inspired by my higher self to provide guidance when I am not thinking clearly. When I am not at peace, and in fear, I am aware, and know that something is amiss. Something needs calibration, correction, or understanding.  The only things I directly control are my thinking and my actions. Since my actions are based on my thinking, the fear is indicating a need to change my thinking.

I use fear as a guide to the ways of correct thinking, like a foghorn guides a ship coming in to a coast line. It can serve me to know where not to go, or where my thinking is off course.

Fear only has context when viewed from reflection and anticipation. It has no context in this moment, as there is never anything to be afraid of in a single instant. Therefore fear is not based on reality. It is only based on a temporal relationship of this moment to a memory or projection. Even when fear is “justified” by what “is happening”, fear is still an indication that something is wrong with my thinking about the situation or planned course of action. Therefore, again, fear is a guide to help me know I need to correct my thinking, and not an indication of reality.

Since fear is not a basis for correct thinking, I cannot use it as a basis of correct action without risk of creating a reality I do not desire. Only love and loving can serve as the basis for correct action because they are the sources from which creation flows. Action based on Fear is a manifestation of thinking that needs to be corrected. It can only lead to mis-creating.

My memory is not a basis for correct thinking, nor it is useful to determine correct action. Correct action comes only from correct thinking in this moment. Therefore, any fear based on my memory is a strong indication of false beliefs or distortions of the current moment through my mental process.

Another trap of the fearful mindset is the belief that Fear is a good motivator. This is the belief that fear used to correct past thinking is required to maintain correct thinking and therefore must be relived over and over again to maintain the course. This assumes that we cannot maintain healthy mindsets. Once we have calibrated our correct thinking from the use of Fear we need no longer manifest that fear in any moment to maintain the correct thinking. Fear that recurs either is an indication of another layer of incorrect thinking or that thinking was not corrected previously.

The future does not depend upon my realizations and reactions to fear. My life is not predetermined in that way. My future is determined by my connection to my higher self, correction of my incorrect thinking, and my desire for, acceptance of, and willingness to be LOVE.

Fear is fantasy. It is the manifestation of thinking and has no basis in the 3-dimensional world in which we live. There is no element “FEAR” on the periodic table of elements. There is no force between any two particles called “FEAR”. It is, in truth, created by my mind to serve me in finding my way to correct thinking. I only need feel it for that purpose and to that end.

I love you and encourage you to use your fear to uncover the elements of your thinking that need correction to ensure that you live free of negativity.

For most of us, the greatest fear is that we are not enough. All negative thinking is based on an internal belief that we are not enough, so the correct thinking is simply to know that we are enough and that we are creations of God and love.

May you find in any and every instant a knowing that you are enough!!

Go with love!

4 thoughts on “RE: How do I use Fear?

  1. Cool post. A very analytic and philosophical approach to such a raw feeling. It sounds like you’ve got a whole book worth of ideas in there. Nice to have you back with the Dungeon Prompts!

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