ANJA is the Third Eye Chakra

This week at the Thursday Workshop we discussed The Third Eye Chakra. We dove into the aspects of the Third Eye and discussed some of our past troubles with connecting to the god source and gaining the wisdom we have been seeking.

One beautiful thing that came out of the workshop was the discussion on the linkages and energy flow between the Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras.

When our Chakra system is working as intended we truly become that one spiritual consciousness manifested. We realize our true nature as the embodiment of spiritual energy into the physical realm. We become the “I am” and through that manifestation we move with the energy of the divine within this body and within this space time continuum.

Let me share with you some of the third eye chakra information we discussed during our workshop.

  1. The Third Eye Chakra is known in the Sanskrit as Anja
  2. Anja is located at the brow between the eyes
  3. Anja is related to intuition, clarity, and Psychic Development
  4. Anja manifests visually as the violet light
  5. When our third eye is open, we clearly see all aspects of our lives.

Anja is the center of where our conscious awareness connects to our higher self. A self that is from the divine source.Through the increased awareness we can access the wisdom of our higher self and the universal truths. Often accessed in dreams, meditations, and visualizations Anja awareness gives us the clarity of our true purpose.

Working to address anxiety, negative self-talk, compulsive thinking, and lowering the need for and use of external distractions can be of a great benefit. From a calm place we are able to open ourselves to the flow of consciousness without the blocks of fear and emotional shutdown, and the contraction of our personal energy. By working to foster a calm mind the awareness of spirit and the evolution of your intuition will become easier and easier.

Opening our awareness will have the effect of awakening our imagination, which not only will allow us to find new ways to resolve old conflicts and issues but also the awareness of how to accomplish things we otherwise would not be able to.

As this new awareness travels into our body and into our lives the awareness manifests directly into our lives. We have an easier time speaking from our truth and communicating in ways that better serve our life purpose.

When we are communicating with ourselves, others, and the universe based on the increased awareness of the wisdom and identity of higher selves we have started the process of manifesting that which we truly desire into this life.

I hope this post helps you understand not only the purpose of the Third Eye but how important this aspect of our Chakra system is to our lives and thus to patterns of creativity, success, and love we define, create, and bring to life.

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