Regarding Some Manifestations of Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk can be sneaky and hard to pin down because it is often driven at the level of belief; the source of the negativity is not what I’m thinking, it’s what I believe is true.

Surviving vs Thriving : Hope and Hopelessness

Welcome! Today is a beautiful day. I hope you are doing very well. This post was inspired by a post I read by a blogger I’m just starting to follow as well as a bunch of conversations, observations, etc. The blog I started following is Big Red Carpet Nursing The post is Robin Williams andContinue reading “Surviving vs Thriving : Hope and Hopelessness”

How I Unlearned Asthma

The connection between mental and physical health. Welcome! I’m glad to share this story with you. I have already shared several stories of my inner transformations. Here is one that demonstrates the power of the linkage between our mental health and our physical health.  As a child I developed asthma, before I was four yearsContinue reading “How I Unlearned Asthma”