RE: How do I use Fear?

Welcome! Life is happening right now. Let us experience it in its full beauty.

Last night I attended a session of a monthly spiritual class. The lesson was about living happily in every moment and realizing that nothing that is happening is not of God.

This article is in response to a blog prompt from DungeonPrompts. You might go there and find it and the blog responses interesting and helpful.

My first reaction to the prompt is that I don’t like Fear and I don’t want to have Fear in my life. This is always a big challenge because I find that the way out of fear is to develop a love of Fear and an understanding of its greater purpose in my life. That is right — I must love Fear. At the same time, fear is the mindkiller. Fear is the little death. Fear blinds me and pushes reality away. Yet fear of fear is fear. 🙂Continue reading “RE: How do I use Fear?”

14 Things I know will help transition me from negative to positive thinking in any moment.

Welcome all! I was feeling a bit grumpy this morning. I noted it most prominently when a guy cut in front of us as we pulled off of Highway 99 into downtown. I got angry beyond what felt comfortable to me.

So I am recalling 14 things that I know that help me transition to a positive frame of mind.

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Language, Intimacy and Social Norms

Welcome! Today I’m taking a day off of my normal work and enjoying a day of self-care, reflection, and contemplation. It’s like a perfect day for this — sun shining etc…

I started off today with a 1-hour float in salt-infused water at Seattle Float. During these floats I often meditate. During these meditations I often think on questions and see what answers come to me. Normally this takes me to the question, “Who am I?”

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Snow Angel

When did life begin?
What means this lifetime?
What will come of me?
Who am I?

Inside a womb
Alone and yet not alone
To be born and feel lost
I think therefore I am

I can no longer remember how this started
Here spread eagle in the snow waiting to freeze
Waving my arms and legs to make a difference
Just me and my Snow Angel

When did my Snow Angel come to me?
What would I be without him?
Where could I possibly find such a friend as he has been?
Who am I to question his thoughts?

In darkest despair I created him
I am lost without my Snow Angel
He is my guide, friend and protector
If I go without his guidance I am lost

My Snow Angel came to save me
My Snow Angel knows how to survive
My Snow Angel is my only true friend and protector
I am Love and this is how I know my Snow Angel is confused

When did my confusion begin?
What can take its place?
Where can I be free of it?
Who am I to be sane?

There exists a knowing in me that I have been always aware
In separation from God I can know only despair
In forgiveness, humility, and connection to source is my true self
I am Love

My sincerity has never been in doubt in darkest times
My Love has been always there waiting for me
In the arms of my true self I create no Snow Angels
I am that I am

Trains Trains Trains…

Welcome! It is with great love that I hope for you that in this moment you are happy and feeling good.

It has been a while since I blogged, but I have been busy all this time living, loving, and learning. So I have more stories to tell you all.

Today I’m writing about part of an excellent business trip I took to Italy last month. It was a wonderful trip, and, since it was my first to Europe, it was full of learning.

I knew that in Europe they have a lot of trains, so I was excited to travel by train there. I planned on my final day there to take a trip from Turin to Milan. This is about a fifty-minute train ride.Continue reading “Trains Trains Trains…”