Stress Reduction

Welcome! What lies herein are two processes I use for releasing stress and anxiety in my mind and body. I call the first one “Getting Into the Moment”. It is a guided imagery grounding process. The second is a process for releasing specific stress, worry, or attachments. I call it “Letting Go of Attachment”.

Getting Into the Moment
I developed this process for when I am feeling stress, scared, anxiety, or worry without a direct stimulus, e.g. someone yelling at me or trying to hurt me.  This process is meant to help you get into the moment so you can be more clear and feeling good.

Step 1: Find a place to sit or lie down comfortably. This can be your office chair, bed, couch, or wherever you can sit or lie down that is quiet and comfortable.
Step 2: Breathe in and out as slowly as is comfortable, paying attention to your breathing. As you notice your breathing, realize that interruptions that may come into your environment are no problem. You can simply stop this process and restart easily and naturally at any time.
Step 3: As you breathe let your mind focus on your body. Notice your feet resting on the floor, bed, or wherever they have settled. As you continue to breathe let your mind move up along  your body. Check in with  yourself as your mind moves that each part of you body is not in any immediate danger. Keep breathing as you let your mind move up from your feet to the top of your head.
Step 4: If your eyes are closed, open your eyes and look around. Notice the small things in your environment. Notice how each thing is at rest, be it a pencil on your desk, your dresser in  your room, or whatever is near by. Notice how right now everything is settled and calmly resting. Notice your body being in that same state. You are at rest and calm.
Step 5: As you notice each thing notice how it sits as time passes. Notice how in this moment and at this time everything is at peace. Notice how you can be at peace. Continue to breathe until you have filled your mind and body with the comfort of the settled and quiet moment.  Each time your mind tries to lose focus on this your current environment or breathing, bring it back saying “It’s OK for you to think about that, but that isn’t happening here and now. Let’s notice only what is here with us now.”

This process may take some time for you to complete. You may notice that each time you complete the process it gets a little bit easier or harder than the last time. It is OK. Be gentle with yourself. There is no need to be perfect. There is no need for any relaxation or feeling of contentment to last overly long. There is no need for you to have any anxiety or worry about any struggles you have with this process.

Letting Go of Attachment
This process I developed to help me when I’m feeling scared, angry, frustrated, or stressed. The goal is not to stuff issues, but to actually release them.

Step 1: Find and go to a place where you can have a moment alone. This can be any room or even your car where it is quiet.
Step 2: If not already there, bring the feeling to the forefront of your mind. You might repeat something said to you that upset you. The goal is to have the feeling active in your mind and body — you should feel it both in your mind and in your body. Notice the feeling of tension in  your body.
Step 3: Imagine your tension as something physical. Using your dominant hand’s index finger and thumb, grab the issue.
Step 4: Pinching the finger and thumb together press hard until you have a clear vision of the issue being held. Hold it tight. Keep a hold and imagine the issue trying to get loose. It’s trying to get away from you. It wants free. It can’t leave you only because your finger and thumb have a hold of it. Look at it. Imagine the nasty shape it has. Imagine how it talks to you. Imagine how it makes you feel. Imagine how it disgusts you.
Step 5: Now that you are disgusted say to yourself “In the time between this second and the next there is enough time for me. In the time between this second and the next I can let this go.” Continue repeating the sentence until you are ready to let it go. Then just release your fingers and let it free. You may even wish it a safe journey to wherever it is going.

Repeat this process as many times as necessary to let go of the negative feelings. After you feel a shift in your energy, repeat to yourself the following mantra: “I intend to feel good. I want to feel good. I like feeling good.”

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