A Selfish Life Context

Welcome! Today I’m writing the third article in my series on “Being impeccable with my word!”, and also responding to a blog prompt from my friend Sreejit — “Going to Church”. When I was seven to nine years old I believed very strongly that there was some change or transformation I needed to make. IContinue reading “A Selfish Life Context”

Working Hard

Welcome! I’ve written more this week than in several months. It has been nice to be inspired to write this week. This post is from a prompt from my friend Sreejit “Hard work, what does it mean for you?”, which is such a wonderful prompt. The complexity in the two words “hard work” is wonderful.Continue reading “Working Hard”

Unlearning: Improving Self-Esteem and My Connection With God

Welcome! Each and all of us are born into the world perfect in God’s eyes. His love for us is unbounded and without any definition of limit. Today I’m writing about how I found my own vision clouded by fear and confusion and the path to unlearning, an unlearning that reminds me of my connectionContinue reading “Unlearning: Improving Self-Esteem and My Connection With God”