Regarding Some Manifestations of Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk can be sneaky and hard to pin down because it is often driven at the level of belief; the source of the negativity is not what I’m thinking, it’s what I believe is true.

Effect and Cause

I once thought causes were a wind to fight against, push through, persevere in, and weather, I’m now convinced was mostly a tornado of my own making, a gale that was a reflection of my own energy directed back on me to justify the effects I wanted created.

Humility and Confidence Go Hand In Hand

Welcome! Today I’m feeling really great. Over the last few days I’ve been feeling angry at some events, attitudes, and outcomes. Its been such a great blessing to be listening to some very grounding books to help me focus on what this means for me. I’m feeling very blessed to know that my feelings areContinue reading “Humility and Confidence Go Hand In Hand”

The Right To Be Right

Welcome! Today I hope that you are finding joy and happiness in everything you do. Maybe you have the same experience I do. You feel a compelling desire to correct others for their mistaken beliefs, perceptions, judgments, and recollection of events. The more clear and sure you are that you are right, the more youContinue reading “The Right To Be Right”

The World is an Awesome and Diverse Place

Welcome! Today my blog post is prompted once again by DungeonPrompts. This week the prompt asks me to introduce you to a blogger that I find interesting. My first challenge! What do I find the most interesting in other people’s blogs. It comes to this. I personally find blogs that challenge my way of thinking about people,Continue reading “The World is an Awesome and Diverse Place”