Surviving vs Thriving : Hope and Hopelessness

Welcome! Today is a beautiful day. I hope you are doing very well. This post was inspired by a post I read by a blogger I’m just starting to follow as well as a bunch of conversations, observations, etc. The blog I started following is Big Red Carpet Nursing The post is Robin Williams andContinue reading “Surviving vs Thriving : Hope and Hopelessness”

Funks and the Pathway to Healing

  Welcome! This post is in response to the second prompt for Season 3 on Seeker’s Dungeon. THE HEALING ARTS We all have different methods of lifting ourselves up when we are feeling down.  Some turn to movies or books, others to food, meditation, conversation, exercise, music or dance.  What is your go to ritualContinue reading “Funks and the Pathway to Healing”

Effect and Cause

I once thought causes were a wind to fight against, push through, persevere in, and weather, I’m now convinced was mostly a tornado of my own making, a gale that was a reflection of my own energy directed back on me to justify the effects I wanted created.

Mistakes Caused by Over Commitment

Welcome! I wanted to share with you today the three biggest mistakes I ever made. Mistakes that led me to the biggest improvements in my life. Don’t get me wrong. I’m using the term mistake in its most common usage, i.e. when actions I did, did not do, or did poorly led to problems thatContinue reading “Mistakes Caused by Over Commitment”

Humility and Confidence Go Hand In Hand

Welcome! Today I’m feeling really great. Over the last few days I’ve been feeling angry at some events, attitudes, and outcomes. Its been such a great blessing to be listening to some very grounding books to help me focus on what this means for me. I’m feeling very blessed to know that my feelings areContinue reading “Humility and Confidence Go Hand In Hand”