Funks and the Pathway to Healing

  Welcome! This post is in response to the second prompt for Season 3 on Seeker’s Dungeon. THE HEALING ARTS We all have different methods of lifting ourselves up when we are feeling down.  Some turn to movies or books, others to food, meditation, conversation, exercise, music or dance.  What is your go to ritualContinue reading “Funks and the Pathway to Healing”


Welcome! This post is prompted by the DungeonPrompt: Self Expression. This prompt was from a few weeks ago so I’m just playing catch up. The instructions for this prompt were once again pretty simple: “Tell us about one of your favorite ways to express yourself outside of writing.” After careful thought and consideration, I wantedContinue reading “Self-Expression”

What Does Love Look Like?

Welcome! Today I’m writing a post prompted once again by the DungeonPrompt. The prompt this week is “What Does Love Look Like?” I love the word love. Love is the energy of the sun upon my back warming me while I walk on a cool beach here in the Northwest. Love is the empathy that bringsContinue reading “What Does Love Look Like?”