The World is an Awesome and Diverse Place

Welcome! Today my blog post is prompted once again by DungeonPrompts. This week the prompt asks me to introduce you to a blogger that I find interesting. My first challenge! What do I find the most interesting in other people’s blogs. It comes to this. I personally find blogs that challenge my way of thinking about people,Continue reading “The World is an Awesome and Diverse Place”

Predicting The Future: A life long pursuit to control time.

Welcome! All we have is this moment. Each second that passes in our lives is like a grain of sand slipping away. With desperation, we can try, try, try to hold on and savor every moment. Yet the time just slips away. Our attention is drawn forever forward by an unstoppable force that no amountContinue reading “Predicting The Future: A life long pursuit to control time.”

Going it Alone vs Having a Posse of Support

Welcome! Thank you for reading my blog today. I love to share my ideas. Please, share this with anyone you think would be interested. Yesterday I made a comment to someone that they were a joy to be around. Right after I made that comment it came to me to ask myself, “Am I joyContinue reading “Going it Alone vs Having a Posse of Support”