of Forgiveness, Love, and Happiness

Welcome! Today I’m on an airplane so I get a chance to sit and think, and visit with someone I thought I didn’t know. The couple next to me are traveling on family business and the husband and I shared and talked about a wide variety of subjects. It’s so natural for me to justContinue reading “of Forgiveness, Love, and Happiness”

Surviving vs Thriving : Hope and Hopelessness

Welcome! Today is a beautiful day. I hope you are doing very well. This post was inspired by a post I read by a blogger I’m just starting to follow as well as a bunch of conversations, observations, etc. The blog I started following is Big Red Carpet Nursing The post is Robin Williams andContinue reading “Surviving vs Thriving : Hope and Hopelessness”

Effect and Cause

I once thought causes were a wind to fight against, push through, persevere in, and weather, I’m now convinced was mostly a tornado of my own making, a gale that was a reflection of my own energy directed back on me to justify the effects I wanted created.

My Right & Duty to Think & Act From My Beliefs

Welcome! I’m glad to be writing this blog article. It has actually ended up being quite long. Thank you for coming to read it. I’ve been doing a lot of coaching lately at work and this has caused me to really look back in time to where I learned or unlearned the bits of wisdomContinue reading “My Right & Duty to Think & Act From My Beliefs”

Hitting Bottom – You only have one way to go from here.

Welcome! I’m so glad to be sharing this blog article with you. This post was inspired by a realization that “hitting bottom” isn’t a problem, but instead is the beginning of a solution. While I have in the past thought of hitting bottom as a bad thing, I’ve never had anything but good stuff comeContinue reading “Hitting Bottom – You only have one way to go from here.”